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A Registered Non Profit Society Promoting the Development of Immunology and Allied Life Sciences




Prof. N.K. Ganguly

Managing Trustee
Prof. G.P. Talwar

Prof. Chandana Das
Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta
Prof. N.K. Mehra
Prof. Indira Nath
Prof. L.M. Srivastava

Dr. Jagdish C. Gupta

Ex Officio Members
President & Secretary
Indian Immunology Society

Special Invitees
Dr. Sunil K. Arora
Dr. D. Balasubramanian
Dr. Dipankar Nandi
Dr. B. Ravindran
Dr. Chandrima Shaha
Dr. W. Selvamurthy
Dr. Mushtaq Siddiqi


The following Scientific Activities have been planned by different organizers around the world. Immunology Foundation shall consider awarding limited number of Travel Bursaries to attend these Meetings/Conferences/Workshops.

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Memorandum Of Understanding Between The Immunology Foundation and The Indian Immunology Society

1. The Immunology Foundation ('Foundation') was created at the initiative of the Indian Immunology Society ('Society')
    with objects dedicated to the promotion of the science of Immunology and allied sciences.

2. The Foundation and the Society desire to jointly secure and share the benefit of association with the International Union of
    Immunological Societies ('IUIS'), which is an organization with membership open to Immunology Societies. The two parties
    consider such association would be beneficial to their common goal of promoting the science of Immunology.

3. The Foundation and the Society have therefore agreed that so as to jointly secure and share the common benefits of
    association with IUIS, the Foundation shall undertake payment of the annual subscriptions to IUIS calculated on the basis of
    Society's present membership of 500.

4. While the Society shall be the formal adhering member of IUIS, in consideration of the foregoing, the Society undertakes to     establish arrangements for regular consultation, exchange of information and sharing of all benefits on a continuing basis,
    between the Foundation and the Society pertaining to all activities, developments and matters in relation to IUIS. Further, in
    the event of increase on the baseline e- subscription at the level of 500, the Society and the Foundation will negotiate with
    the IUIS, the number and the fee for which the Foundation will pay the subscription so as not to lose the IUIS membership.

5. The Foundation and the Society further agree that in the event of the dissolution of the Foundation, in terms of Clause 22 of
    the Deed of Trust of the Foundation dated 15 December 1999, any surplus funds remaining, after the satisfaction of the
    Foundation's debts and liabilities, shall, in view of the like objects of the Foundation and the Society, be transferred to the
    Society. Provided, however, that in the event of the dissolution of the Society prior to the dissolution of the Foundation, the
    surplus aforesaid shall be transferred as provided in Clause 22 of the Deed of Trust to such other organization having objects
    similar to those of the Foundation as determined by the Board of Trustees at or before the time of the Foundation's

6. In view of their common objectives namely promotion of the science of Immunology, the Foundation and the Society
    pledge to work in harmony for the achievements of their common/parallel objectives.
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