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A Registered Non Profit Society Promoting the Development of Immunology and Allied Life Sciences




Prof. N.K. Ganguly

Managing Trustee
Prof. G.P. Talwar

Prof. Chandana Das
Dr. Satish Kumar Gupta
Prof. N.K. Mehra
Prof. Indira Nath
Prof. L.M. Srivastava

Dr. Jagdish C. Gupta

Ex Officio Members
President & Secretary
Indian Immunology Society

Special Invitees
Dr. Sunil K. Arora
Dr. D. Balasubramanian
Dr. Dipankar Nandi
Dr. B. Ravindran
Dr. Chandrima Shaha
Dr. W. Selvamurthy
Dr. Mushtaq Siddiqi


The following Scientific Activities have been planned by different organizers around the world. Immunology Foundation shall consider awarding limited number of Travel Bursaries to attend these Meetings/Conferences/Workshops.

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Aims & Objectives

(a) to promote the science of Immunology and the allied sciences through initiating or supporting research in such sciences
     or otherwise;

(b) to promote, guide, co-ordinate and undertake Immunology related activities;

(c) to promote and provide effective linkages on a continuing basis between various national and international scientific and
     research agencies/laboratories and other organizations in the field of Immunology and related areas;

(d) to create an information network and cooperation between better endowed laboratories having methodologies and
     reagents for sharing with others in universities and peripheral research centers which are in need for these methodologies
     and reagents;

(e) to organize and sponsor workshops, seminars, conferences, lectures, symposia and training programmes in frontier
     subjects and publish proceedings thereof for wider availability in furtherance of objectives of the Foundation;

(f) to obtain expertise from the international arena for training local scientists in the latest Immunology methods and advances;

(g) to interact with industries for identifying new areas and advances made in the field of Immunology;

(h) to publish and disseminate information and create a web site in the field of Immunology;

(i) to enter into any agreement with any Government, State or authority, municipal, local or otherwise or any corporation,
    company, firm or person that may seem conducive for the Foundation's objects and to obtain from any such Government,
    State or Authority, corporation, company, firm or persons any contract rights, privileges and concessions which the
    Foundation considers desirable to obtain, carry out, execute and comply with any such arrangements , rights, privileges and

(j) to create awards and to recognize outstanding contributions by Indian and other scientists in Immunology and related

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